Where to Buy Speakers

There are lots of places to get speakers. Depending on where you are, your target budget, and sometimes amount of patience you have, you can get the speakers you are looking for or at least a very good deal.

The right set of speakers, if properly taken care of, will be an investment that will make it worth it’s while. The key to experiencing your music is to empower yourself with knowledge, do a little research, and spend some time test driving before pulling the trigger. You might be on a stricter budget than what audiophiles show off at electronics and audio shows but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a stellar pair of speakers. You will just need to go about getting them a different way. Here are some of my budget friendly ways of getting speakers.

Thrift Stores

Yup. You might be thinking who would want some dusty old speakers. How good could those even sound. The neat thing about speakers is just because they are old doesn’t mean they sound good. I have quite a collection of vintage sound equipment that sounds better than new equipment that costs more than $200. Like many things about thrift stores you get the occasional gem with a bit of luck and persistence. I don’t always find something there but occasionally I’ll score a really good find. Some that I’ve found are the Klipsch Promedia 2.1 (best bang for your buck even when new), a pair of Infinity’s, and a Definitive Technology center channel speaker to name a few. If you aren’t sure about a potential find see what others have said about it online. Oftentimes you’ll get some vintage unknown Sears speaker that noone has ever heard of, but with a little patience you will find a gem.


Here it’s not as easy to save as much money as a thrift store, however it’s much more likely for you to find an item you might specifically be looking for. One of my success stories was using the Facebook marketplace I managed to get a pair of JBL Control Monitor 4312’s for $70. Looking on ebay that’s a steal no matter how you look at it. The guy who sold it to me was an audiophile as well and wanted to get it to someone who would appreciate it and not just flip it to make a profit. Fortunately in the brief meeting we had I met that standard. Even though these are quite old speakers, they are a prime example that just because they are old doesn’t mean they don’t sound good.

Retail and Online

There are the obvious answers to where you can get speakers. Best Buy, Amazon, etc. When it comes to these solutions do your research of what you want. Look up reviews, to see what other peoples remarks are in comparing the speakers you are looking at to other speakers in the same range. Maybe it’ll be heavier on the bass than another model. Understand that just like anything new, there the value of the speaker will be less than what it costs than if you were to find a used speaker for the same price. For some having that new speaker for aesthetics or the enjoyment of being the first owner is what they want. At those points it’s best to get the biggest bang for your buck. Personally I’d recommend looking for THX certified speakers if you want good entertainment speakers, or JBL control monitors if you are looking for something more appropriate for a studio.

There are lots of factors that go into where, how much, and when you get speakers. Hopefully the suggestions above will give you some ideas to explore. Have any other suggestions let me know in the comments.



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