Best Desktop Speakers with a Subwoofer

Finding a set of speakers with a subwoofer is probably one of the best options to go for when you want to get the full audio experience. However, depending on how you intend to use it you’ll want to focus on a specific subset among what is available in the market.

Desktop Speakers with a Subwoofer

One of the most common sets of speaker/subwoofer combos that I’ve used are the ones meant for a desk setup. Working from home I get to listen to music all data as I’m crunching numbers in excel and designing reports. So for me having a high-quality set of speakers on my desk is very important.

Klipsch 2.1 Promedia

By far my favorite set of high-quality speaker & subwoofer combos has been the Klipsch Promedia 2.1. It’s a THX certified set of speakers that generate a lot of bass. I always had the bass rather low as I prefer a more controlled bass, but for those bass-heads out there this set will not disappoint. Despite how small the left and right speakers are they get plenty loud while maintaining clarity. The drawback to these speakers is the manufacturer discontinued them. So if you want to find a pair, it’ll be worth searching for, but you will most likely see used sets available. You can find them on places like Amazon, eBay, and sometimes even classifieds pages, and once in a while, they show up on Best Buy’s outlet page.

Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III

This set stands out from the crowd. Its unique design is something that at first made me want to pass over it however as unique as it looks, it has stellar performance with room-filling design.

This system offers compatibility with several types of audio components. Thanks to its 3.5mm stereo audio connection, and has Bluetooth connectivity on specific models.

The subwoofer is downward facing which gives it greater flexibility in sounding good no matter the room variables (i.e., size, dampening, position). The bass gets plenty deep and powerful which enhances your experience no matter what you are playing.

Harmon Kardon Soundsticks III

This unit has two 10-watt speakers that produce crisp and clear sound, and the sub doesn’t interfere with the sticks which are very easy to accomplish. You can still hear the vocals in my music without the bass muddying it. That delicate balance can be hard to achieve

If you love the unique design, these are an enhancement to a desk setup’s audio performance. The sound quality is on the higher end with a price that isn’t high end. The bass is well balanced to compliment instead of competing. 

Compact Surround Speakers with Subwoofer

If you are looking for a setup that is targeted toward a surround system, there is a myriad of collections. I pieced my surround sound from Hi-Fi speakers that I gathered over time. It’s a challenge to piece together a system that plays well with other components. My front left, and right channels are JBL control monitors built forever ago, a Pinnacle sub, Definitive Technology center, and KLH rear channels. I didn’t just happen upon that setup though. I swapped out speakers quite a bit as the local thrift stores supply changed. If you get lucky, you can save quite a bit of money.

However, that solution isn’t for everyone. If you are one, who wants a well balanced preconfigured set that you know will sound good for a little more. There are sets out there that can cost as much as a new car and systems for…. less than that. 

You might think I’m biased towards Klipsch, and you’d be right to an extent. It’s a brand that I trust, but only won that trust by continually providing the sound that I love to hear. When it comes to what sounds good though it is subjective. Speaker companies build loyalty because of the way the sound is produced.

The Reference Series is one of the best on the market. This speaker system is excellent for those who have minimal space to place speakers. Although you might want those large tower speakers, some setups merely don’t have space for them

This is one reason the Reference Theater Pack is a great option. They are small, yet contain all the power of the Reference line. The sound was unlike anything I have heard before from speakers this size.  The output of each speaker is crystal clear. The highs, lows, and mids were all there (“all there” is the best I can describe a speaker whenever I get into that mode that I feel immersed in what I’m listening to). From a small, tiny sound in the background to a voice in the foreground, everything came alive. Even if you turn up the sound and it’s loud it isn’t harsh.

If you have a room limited by space, and these fit your needs, this set will prove it’s worth. They have made every single game, movie, and TV show sound better and come alive with full audio immersion.

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