Best Floorstanding Speaker under $1000 in 2019

Whether you love movies or music or both, you need a good pair of speakers to bring what you are listening to, to life! Audio isn’t just about hearing; it’s is about experiencing. We are going to share with you some of our favorite floor standing speakers under $1000. This price point covers getting a stellar pair of speakers for those if you want good sound quality, but if you are not this pickiest about your the minutest detail to the point where you can tell if the balance is ever so slightly off.

Learn and Research what you are Purchasing

It’s essential to research out and listen to a reasonable number of speakers before buying. A great analogy is to imagine the foods that you enjoy and don’t enjoy. You have a taste that you enjoy; however, your taste isn’t the same as someone else’s. Just the same, what you pleases your ears might not be the same for another.
Additionally, be mindful of what the set of speakers includes. There are instances where a seller is only offering speakers, and it turns out the price is for just one speaker. When this happens, of course, it will double the amount of what you are expecting to pay to get a stereo set. In the case of today’s reviews, some of these speakers come as a single so that can drive the price up considerably.

The 3 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under $1000

  1. Klipsch Reference Premier RP-4000F
  2. KLH Cambridge Floorstanding Tower Speakers
  3. JBL Stage A170

We have tested out many different speakers a priced that are under $1000. From our experience, we have picked a collection of speakers that we thoroughly enjoyed.

1. Klipsch Reference Premier RP-4000F


  • Sound has an excellent image and detail
  • Crisp Highs, Full Mid Range, and 
  • Very nice and compact design
  • Bass is tight and efficient


  • Better for filling smaller rooms. Larger rooms would do better with larger floor standing speakers
Klipsch RF 4000 Floorstanding

A pair of these speakers will cost $600. The Klipsch RP-4000F Tower Speakers are a great deal if you want some excellent sound but at a more affordable price. The aesthetics of this speaker carry the traditional Klipsch signature. This speaker is ebony style with brass drivers. The form factor is incredibly thin for the sound that they can resolve. It compares to the form factor of the JBL Loft floor standing speakers I own. Despite having an average height for a set of floor speakers, these are surprisingly compact in their design.

It has great aesthetics; however, is not where this speaker’s value ends. From the moment we started the sound test, these floor standing speakers output impressive sound. I own a 2.1 Klipsch speaker set and have been thoroughly impressed with the sound quality despite a minimal form factor, and that holds here as well. The bass that these speakers produce is very, very clean. The highs are crisp and the mids full. There minimal distortion even with the volume turned up. Vocal clarity is on point and doesn’t get too bright to be overwhelming. Both movies and music tests were engrossing experiences.

Other Perspectives

With how impressive these speakers were to experience, we found that it is a general attitude from review communities towards the Klipsch RP-4000F Floor Standing Speakers. Looking around online and on other reviews sites like Crutchfield there was not any negativity about these at all. Additionally, if you look on Amazon’s one full review have it five stars! (Not exactly the best sample size). Those who use these are more than happy with them, and I highly doubt this would be a disappointing investment.

All in all, the Klipsch RP-4000F Tower Speakers is impressive. The price is within the $1000 budget coming in around $600 for a pair. The sound quality is stellar. Whether intended for a stereo setup or surround sound theatre configuration these will be a worthy investment.

2. KLH Cambridge Floorstanding Loudspeakers 


  • Beautiful walnut design 
  • Great definition in sound
  • Ideal if you want to showcase speakers
  • There are also bookshelf speakers in this style


  • The high and mid-frequency can feel dominant
KLH Cambridge Floor Standing Speaker

There is a consensus about how beautiful the KLH Cambridge Floorstanding Loudspeakers are. These speakers come in walnut or black oak. The design is reminiscent of some previous models and has an old school feel in their look. The black speaker grille on the front also compliments the design perfectly. These speakers are priced at around the $800 and always appear on the best floor standing speakers under $1000 lists. But these come as a pair and also as single speakers so make sure you have selected the pair option.

When we listened to them, it sounded awesome. The bass was there but not dominant. Also testing out these speakers with a couple of movies as well and we were impressed with the vocals and sound from action scenes. Many speakers seem to struggle with proper vocal levels, but that is not the case here. When carrying the speakers, they can look like they are of lower quality due to the weight of the competition. Despite the build of the speaker feeling to be lower quality, these speakers are efficient and can get quite loud without much distortion.

What Other People Are Saying

Overall purchasers love the product they get. In contrast to the Klipsch’s, there is a bit more variance of opinion based on reviews at Crutchfield. About the sound quality of the KLH Cambridge Floorstanding Loudspeakers are great for detail and definition, and also have a visually impressive style to them as well. These floor standing speakers are best for striking a visual impact and backing it up with sound to impress.

Available in two finishes the KLH Cambridge Floorstanding Speakers are well worth researching for those who want both HiFi sound and aesthetics. The sound these speakers generate is great for either music or movie entertainment.

3. JBL Stage A170


  • Small Form Factor with Big Sound
  • Deep and Powerful Bass
  • Very smooth across the frequency spectrum
  • Clear and Uncolored


  • Some people may find the feet weird
  • Plain Appearance

At $400 a pair, these are well under our one grand price limit, but that doesn’t mean the sound these floor-standing speakers produce is not on par with others reviewed here. These have a very classic kind of style. It is interesting how nostalgia influences some designs of floor standing speakers. Back in the day, people would describe their speakers as an East or West Coast sound. JBL’s line of Stage series speakers replaces the Studio series they launched. The A170 has the smallest form factor of the 3 floor standing models in the Stage series. It has a thin form factor that needs a unique base to avoid tipping over.

The A170 is also a 2.5-way speaker that has two woofers delivering a strong bass. The higher woofer is also designed to reach the midrange frequencies to better blend into the frequencies of the tweeter.

From the top, the tweeter is a one-inch aluminum dome that is set in shallow wavequide. The White woofer cones with a ribbed surface are similar to the PolyPlas woofers from some of the more classic models JBL built before.

What Other People Are Saying

Many of the small form factor JBL speakers are considered to be the affordable way to get a big sound experience. The aesthetics can seem a bit plain when covered by the grill. But where it might be lacking in looks, it is highly favored by budget-oriented enthusiasts.

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