Spendor A4

Are you looking for a good pair of lower profile Hi-Fi floor standing speakers? Spendor’s A4 speakers could be the speakers for you.

They’re magnificently designed, smartly finished and sound great. At merely over 80cm tall, these speakers are unlikely to get it in the way, especially when space is a commodity in smaller rooms.

For those familiar with the A5, it may be easy to think of these speakers as an advancement of the company’s A5 model. The A4 speakers are quite different – even if the general styling and cabinet dimensions suggest otherwise.

Spendor A4 Specs

These are two-way speakers with a tweeter and woofer. Rather than the 2.5-way like on the A5, the change is marked with a move from two 15cm drivers to a single 18cm mid/bass unit.

The low frequencies are tuned by a rear-firing reflex port on the new model. The older has a sealed cabinet.

High frequencies are produced by Spendor’s favored 22mm wide-surround tweeter. When we tested the A4s, we found they provide a more full frequency range and lower distortion than other conventional dome drivers and event has a protective grill.

The switch in driver selection doesn’t alter the underlying specs too much.

The sensitivity is similar at 86dB/W/m, and nominal impedance remains at 8ohms. Any reasonably priced amplifier drive the A4s well.

We’re impressed by the build quality. The cabinet feels immensely rigid, with carefully designed internal bracing combined with the clever use of low-mass constrained polymer damping.

The finish is pleasing too, with crisp edges, neat detailing, and smart real wood veneers. There are the traditional finish options, including black ash, dark walnut, and natural oak.

The Spendor A4s are wonderful speakers, blending Spendor’s established strengths but also has a bountiful portion focused on entertainment.

Spendor A4 Floorstanding speakers

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